Making Your Message Stick with the Message Box

In recent years, the value of science communication in navigating the intersection between science and action has been increasingly recognized. This year, two identical science communication trainings will be offered at the conference during the concurrent session. The trainings are on Monday, September 10, from 1:35-3:15 and 3:35-5:15, room 315. There is no sign-up and all attendees are welcome to join until the room is filled. 

This training introduces attendees to The Message Box and provides practical steps scientists can take to improve their approach to communicating research. While it is not necessary for you to prepare anything in advance of the training, if you're able to spend a few minutes preparing a draft Message Box and bringing it with you, you will get more out of the session. 

The Science Communication Training will be led by Amy Mathews Amos. Amy Mathews Amos is a Science Communications Coach at COMPASS, a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing practical support, training, and resources for scientists looking to improve how they share their knowledge.

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